For the fourth year in a row, Milgard Windows & Doors has scored high enough to earn the top spot of online rated window and patio door brand from MetrixLab. The award is a reflection of the fenestration company’s commitment to quality in product manufacturing, service and the window-shopping experience through its Certified Dealer Network. To the company’s credit, this year’s win was ensured with a finish well ahead of the competition, according to MetrixLab.

“Milgard closed 2019, 4th year in a row, as the industry leader in our program; widening the gap with 12.3 points above the second closest brand in our competitive set,” said Selin Varol, research manager at MetrixLab. “Perfected decorative features and great customer service boosted their positive talk among consumers.”

MetrixLab uses its reputation scoring system to rate corporate brands, and a Net Reputation Score (NRS) is determined by looking at online content that is posted by customers. The scoring system uses millions of blogs, review sites and social media comments are evaluated to derive the score which is measured on a 200 point scale. Positive and negative input on product features and customer experiences are used to determine the online health of a brand.

In addition to other review websites, more than 40,000 homeowners have shared their experiences directly on From product input to service visits, Milgard solicits feedback from their customers to better understand their complete purchase journey and they continue to use the input to make improvements to products, services and processes.

“Milgard has always had a commitment and dedication to quality,” said Jeremiah Noneman, senior marketing director at Milgard. “With customer feedback we can continue to make improvements to our products, services and processes that ultimately help homeowners create the home of their dreams.”

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