The annual Cost vs. Value report, compiled by Remodeling magazine, focuses on the value of various home improvement projects by evaluating and ranking their impacts on home resale values nationally and regionally. According to the latest (2020) report, vinyl and wood replacement windows, steel entry doors, and grand fiberglass entrances saw declines among the costs recouped compared to 2019 results.

Project (Nationally) Job Cost Resale Value Cost Recouped
Vinyl window replacement $17,641 $12,761 72.3%
Wood window replacement $21,495 $14,804 68.9%
Entry door steel replacement $1,881 $1,294 68.8%
Grand fiberglass entrance $9,254 $4,930 53.3%


Regional Growth

Regionally, improvements were seen across several categories and areas. According to the report, vinyl window replacement projects saw increases in the East North-Central region, via job costs, which totaled $17,943 in 2019, compared to the 2020 national average of $17,641. At the same time, resale values for those projects were slightly lower than the national average, coming in at $12,573. This region also saw a decline in costs recouped, with a result of 70.1%.

Wood window replacements saw gains in the Middle Atlantic region. Job costs in this region averaged $21,797, which is an increase of $302 when compared to the national average. The report also shows improvements to resale values in this sector, at a total of $15,725, compared to the national average of $14,804. Costs recouped resulted in 72.1%.

The New England region showcased improvements for nearly all returns associated with steel entry door replacements. According to the results, those projects were valued at an average of $1,940. Meanwhile, resale values averaged a total of $1,147 and costs recouped came in at 59.2%.

Grand fiberglass entrances saw improvement in the Pacific region, where project costs resulted in a $9,955 total. Resale values for those projects jumped to $6,083 from the national average of $4,930 while recouping 61.1% of costs in the region.

Full Listing

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