[DWM] did a great job covering the International Builders Show (IBS) in Las Vegas last week. I also made a trip out to the show and wanted to share some of the things I noticed while there.

First, there was no snow. If anyone remembers last year, it actually snowed in Las Vegas and it caused the show attendance to be lower than normal. However, I am happy to report that there was a very good turnout and the show was extremely busy. When it first opened, there was an hour wait just to get attendee badges. Traffic was extremely heavy and there was a lot to see.

The one trend I noticed at IBS for doors and windows is, big isn’t big enough! There were lots of displays showing huge picture windows, casement windows and most notably doors. There were some unbelievable doors on display that were larger and more unique than I have ever seen.

The other trend I saw—which probably doesn’t surprise anyone—was color. There were lots of color options on display. Black windows still seem to be the most popular and trendy. But my feeling, as with all things, is that this trend is cyclical and we will be back to some of old ‘classic’ colors over the next year. The great news for homeowners is this—any color they want, they will be able to get.

Finally, the IBS has gotten so big over the years, there are only two locations capable of hosting this fantastic event, Las Vegas and Orlando. The IBS moves back to Orlando in February 2021. I am looking forward to catching up with all of you there!

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