Most of the largest door and window manufacturers participate in the International Builders’ Show (IBS) each year to introduce their latest products. This year was no different. Among those introductions, several themes emerged—from doors and windows getting bigger (even bigger than in the past, if you can believe it) to a focus on making things easier for customers.

Marvin’s SkyCove is a glass pop-out structure that expands interior space.

Marvin arrived with a bevy of products to show off, but the company’s booth also showcased its new brand and logo, while highlighting a reorganization of products into three collections.

Its new Skycove product was a great representation of a theme seen throughout the show for narrow sightlines. The company said it noticed homeowners spending time in these little spaces created in homes, so this was a product the company hopes will meet that desire through windows. It is a fully constructed glass pop-out structure that expands interior space.

“What you see is what gets installed,” said Levi Geadelmann, senior product manager. “Provided you can make that lift it flashes and finishes like a regular window.”

Marvin introduced its new branding—and several new products.

Marvin also introduced the Awaken skylight, which includes soft, tunable LED lighting that mimics the soft glow of daylight, smart venting to help regulate indoor temperatures and air quality automatically, and automatic operation through the Marvin app, voice control through smart home systems or via a wall switch. To go with its narrow sightlines, the product also features a hidden perimeter screen that doesn’t interfere with outdoor views.

Jeld-Wen featured the products of one of its acquired companies—LaCantina—by showing off the Siteline collection. The line didn’t include a sliding patio door until the option was introduced at this year’s show. Panels are available in sizes of up to 60 inches wide by 108 inches tall and can be configured up to six panels in a single direction or 12 panels in a bi-parting fashion, which delivers a maximum net frame width of a little over 57 feet.

Anderson drew a crowd with this 6-feet wide and 11-foot high pivot door.

The company also showed a Siteline swing patio door sporting a new sill that includes hydrolock, a proprietary technology designed to keep water flowing out. The sill is going to be a standard offering on Siteline inswing patio doors in early 2020, officials said, at no additional cost to customers. The sill is drop-in and can be used to upgrade existing doors, according to the company.

As usual, Andersen introduced a variety of products at this year’s show, but the majority of attention was diverted to its aluminum-clad wood, outswing pivot door—the model for which is 6 feet wide and 11 feet high. The product is part of Andersen’s Weiland brand. Company officials reported that the use of large pivot doors continues to grow. Andersen also featured an automated multi-glide sliding door that can be used for pass-through applications.

ThermaTru introduced this innovative display that customers can place in their showroom to help customers through the buying process.

And it might be the Builders’ Show, but Therma-Tru showcased an innovative display that’s aimed at the needs of dealers. Purchased for their showrooms, the company’s setup walks customers through the door buying process, including what to look for. The company also introduced a composite door frame featuring Tru-Guard composite technology. The material is virtually maintenance-free, officials said, also eliminating the risk of rot and damage from insects. Therma-Tru also debuted PrismaGuard paint, featuring a selection of nature-inspired colors, including paint and stain, and backed by a 10-year limited finish warranty.

Also on the door side, Masonite introduced a new exterior door system, complete with recent performance testing data. Joselyne Walter, director of global brand marketing, said the product’s performance is based on three main features: rot resistance, preventing leaks, and keep the element outs.

There were plenty of companies on hand offering components to be used with many of the finished products on display. Phantom Screens unveiled a MeshLock feature for its retractable door, which retains the mesh in the top and bottom tracks while extending the life of the screen. The feature prevents insects and debris from entering the home and provides homeowners with peace of mind by stopping small pets and/or pests from crawling underneath the mesh, a concern with standard retractable screen doors, officials said.

Endura’s FusionFrame system attracted a ton of attention and was nominated for a Best of IBS award.

“Customers wanted that peace of mind, so we added this feature at their request,” said Paul Ackah-Sanza, vice president of marketing. “Customers have seen it here and said, ‘We have been waiting for that,’ so it’s a validation for us.”

Endura introduced its FusionFrame system, which also serves as a door installation system. The product offers maintenance-free performance and pre-finished convenience, according to the company. It was nominated for the Best Window and Door Product in the 2020 Best of IBS Awards.

“The product is more rigid and can be installed like a standard system,” said Kelsie Coltrane, marketing manager. “This is one of the most crowded spots in our booth.”

The company also introduced its ADAptive Sill Series, a new class of ADA door sills designed to prevent leaks.

“ADA sills are notorious for leaking, so we introduced this product as a solution to that,” said Coltrane. “It is the first series that works with interchangeable caps.”

DuPont introduced FlexWrap NF, a flexible butyl tape that expands and allows the installer to install in one piece.

The product features “an innovative jamb boot” with a sealing “beak” that sits beneath the weather-strip to block upward water infiltration.

At Dupont, the company introduced Dupont FlexWrap NF, a butyl tape to be used for window installations that expands to three to four times its original size. The company says it can “be finessed into any space,” suggesting that it’s a go-to for installing any type of window.

The show continues through Thursday. Check for further updates from the event.

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