The Freedonia Group’s new Global Windows and Doors study finds that global demand for doors is forecast to increase 4.5% per year to $123 billion in 2023. These gains will be supported by higher levels of nonresidential building construction in many developing regions and increasing building improvement and repair activity in countries such as the U.S., the study finds. Another finding of the report is that metal and wood will remain the most popular materials for doors going forward. The reasons according to the study include:

  • Metal is the preferred material for doors in the nonresidential market because of its strength, security, durability and low maintenance.
  • Wood is the most popular material for the residential market due to its frequent installation as interior doors in homes. Since interior doors frequently see less wear than exterior doors, durability is less important, allowing wood to dominate this market.

Metal and wood are expected to account for 91% of all door sales through 2023. However, both materials will face increasing competition from fiberglass doors in the residential market, as fiberglass can offer the same strength and durability as metal entry doors – and can resemble the look and texture of wood doors – while offering improved energy efficiency, the report predicts.

Global demand for doors and windows is forecast to also rise 4.5% per year to $261 billion in 2023. Over half of value gains will come from China, the world’s leading consumer of windows and doors, with 38% of global sales in 2018 claims the study. It also finds that solid increases in the large U.S. market will account for about 12% of the growth in global demand in the 2018-2023 period. Much of the remaining growth will stem from developing regions, where improving standards of living and continued industrialization are fueling sales gains, according to the report.


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