[DWM] was informed recently by close friends and confirmed through an obituary the passing of John Charles Carmody. Carmody passed December 9 at the age of 72, after a long illness, the obituary says.

Carmody was part of the building industry for nearly 50 years, his obituary states, starting his career as an architect with the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic then becoming a student, researcher, mentor, teacher and professor for the College of Design at the University of Minnesota.

Long-time friends and collaborators voiced their remorse upon the news of his passing.

“We are devastated,” said Kerry Haglund, owner of Haglund Design Inc. and executive director for Efficient Windows Collaborative. “He was my mentor, former boss and a very good friend.”

“I worked with him for over 30 years,” said Stephen Selkowitz, affiliate for the Building Technology and Urban Systems Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. “It’s not only a personal loss for many of us but a loss to the industry as well.”

A service to celebrate Carmody’s life and work is planned for Spring 2020 and information about where to send memorials can be found here.


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  1. Our industry is significantly diminished by the absence of John Carmody.

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