[DWM] confirmed yesterday with Joe Altieri, president of FlexScreen, that his company will appear on an upcoming edition of ABC’s Shark Tank.

The reality show from executive producer Mark Burnett serves as a testing ground for entrepreneurs, where they get the chance to present their ideas to potential investors, who can individually support participants, or partner with other investors to provide even more assistance.

“I’m so humbled and incredibly grateful for every person and every situation that has helped FlexScreen get to this place,” Altieri said in an announcement.

The company plans to host a viewing party with approximately 200 guests for the airing, January 5, at 9 p.m. EST.

With the results of his company’s pitch awaiting a January 5 reveal, Altieri was deliberately short on details, but expressed immense excitement about the opportunity to participate. Stay tuned to [DWM] for additional details.


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