Canadian wood mouldings and components manufacturer Roland Boulanger and Cie Ltee is confirmed to have filed for bankruptcy on November 8 according to a filing on the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy (OSB) for Canada’s website.

According to the filing the total number of assets and the total number of liabilities of the company both amount to $0. The appointed licensed insolvency trustee is Raymond Chabot Inc. A creditors’ meeting has not yet been filed as completed.

While the company website is still functional and operates as though business is normal, several phone calls from [DWM] were sent straight to voicemail and officials failed to provide comment after multiple requests.

Initially founded exclusively as a door and window manufacturing plant in 1945, the family-operated company has more than 400 employees at its multiple locations around Canada and does both retail and industrial sales.

[DWM] will provide updates on any further developments as they arise on its website and print publication.

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