Even though we are in the heart of the busy season, it is never too soon to start planning for 2020. But what are the things to start planning for? From talking with various dealers around the country, it’s apparent that the top five objectives to focus on are:

  • Yearly sales goals;
  • Lead flow;
  • Internal and external infrastructures;
  • Adding new products; and
  • Profit goals.

If your plan is to grow, what resources will it take to achieve that plan? Do you need more salespeople? If you add salespeople, do you have a way to get enough leads for everyone? Will the ROI be worth the added expense?

If you are growing more than your historical average, are there enough internal people to handle that growth? Does it make sense to add new products for 2020? If this is part of the plan, how will leads work for this product? And at the end of the year, it is always a great thing to make a profit. On that note, what’s your after-tax profit goal?

Some dealers take their key people to an offsite location, free of distractions, to put together a solid business plan for the year. The plan is your road map for you and your team. It will undergo several changes and modifications throughout the year, but it will serve as a great compass for your business. Regardless, to be successful—it’s important to have your game plan ready to go!

Great Selling!

– Ty

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