In a key decision for the U.S. aluminum extrusion industry, the U. S. Department of Commerce ruled that jalousie shutters exported from the Dominican Republic, made from window frame aluminum extrusions produced in China, are covered by the scope of the Aluminum Extruders Council (AEC) trade orders against the Chinese aluminum extrusion industry.

Jalousie shutters are glass-less louver windows composed of parallel aluminum slats set in a frame, which are joined on an aluminum track and tilted open/shut in unison to control airflow.

In its decision, Commerce stated, “…we also find that record evidence establishes that China is the country of origin and that the further processing performed in the Dominican Republic does not amount to the ‘substantial transformation’ necessary to designate the Dominican Republic as the country of origin.”

Meanwhile, trade data from AEC reveals that millions of pounds of Chinese extrusions are being exported to the Dominican Republic. The decision will have a dramatic impact on those shipments, according to the AEC.
The final Scope Ruling document can be viewed here.


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