Guardian Glass, a subsidiary of Guardian Industries, announced last week that it will close its Millbury, Ohio, fabrication plant by the end of 2019. Amy Hennes, director, global communications, Guardian Industries, offered more details to [DWM] regarding the closure.

“This decision comes after a review by Guardian to look at its business activities and understand the long-term competitiveness and viability of the location within the company,” said Hennes.

The plant operated the company’s pilot vacuum insulating glass line, as well as a variety of other glass fabrication activities, and employed approximately 100 people.

“We are in the process of evaluating needs within the company, transferring as many employees as possible to other opportunities and providing career/outplacement services to those employees for whom alternative opportunities have not been identified,” said Hennes. “Some members of the team will continue our focus on VIG technology and developing opportunities to continue exploration of the science and the next innovation in vacuum insulating glass.”

Hennes added that the company remains committed to VIG.

“Guardian Glass remains enthusiastic and dedicated to developing the right value proposition for vacuum insulating glass, and the technology required to deliver it. We look forward to supplying the refrigeration segment in the future and helping the architectural and building construction community increase the window-to-wall ratio while elevating energy efficiency,” she said. “The company’s priorities are with its employees and customers as we move through this transition and the safe shutdown of operations. We thank all employees connected to the project for their dedication to building a product that delivers innovation and value to its customers.”

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