The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) has updated a standard for adhesive systems designed to attach simulated divided lite (SDL) bars to glass. The “Voluntary Specification and Test Methods for Adhesives Used in Simulated Divided Lite Bars,” or AAMA 813-19, was originally released in 2011 to establish minimum performance criteria for adhesive systems used in such attachments for the fenestration industry.

Per the specification, the adhesive system is to remain uncompromised both at installation time and through a range of weathering conditions. While this voluntary specification utilizes standardized SDL bars, sometimes also known as non-structural decorative muntin bars, and substrates for testing, it is suggested that actual materials and finishes being considered in a particular design be tested for suitability in accordance with the fenestration manufacturer’s instructions.

“The first update to AAMA 813 has now been completed,” said Chris Habegger of Gaska Tape, and chair of the AAMA 813 Simulated Divided Lite Task Group. “UV testing references were updated and peel adhesion requirements for tapes now match liquid adhesive systems as well as clarifications in the reporting of results.”

AAMA 813-19, as well as other AAMA documents, may be purchased from AAMA’s online store. More information about AAMA and its activities can be found on the AAMA website.

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