The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) has updated a standard that provides fenestration installation guidance. The “Voluntary Practice for Assessment of Frame Deflection When Using One Component Polyurethane Foams for Air-Sealing Rough Openings of Fenestration Installations,” AAMA 812-19, was last updated in 2010.

Previously, one-component polyurethane foams have sometimes been associated with frame deflection of fenestration products. This can happen either from misapplication of the foams or the use of foams not suited for the intended purpose. One-component polyurethane foams have been developed specifically for application with fenestration products.

“One-component polyurethane foam sealants are used to augment the energy efficiency performance of fenestration installations,” said Dow Chemical Company’s Beverly Selle, chair of the AAMA 812 Insulating Expanding Foams Task Group. “The AAMA 812 has been updated to clarify foam physical properties, enhance sample preparation, testing and measurement procedures, and include requirements for reporting of test results.”

The standard provides a practice that allows users to identify pressure build and dimensional stability, the key attributes that contribute to deflection of fenestration products resulting from the use of one component polyurethane foams, and it provides test protocols for assessing these key attributes.

More information about AAMA and its activities can be found on the AAMA website.

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