It’s not often I would give a particular plug for a company but I just can’t help myself this time. So this will be a relatively short blog, but I just wanted to say kudos to MI Windows and Doors for hosting a recent “signing day,” and for participating in a local co-op program. You can find the article here.

First, if you have read my blogs you know I have a passion for getting prospective students to realize trades are a viable career path. Imagine my delight then when I read this story. Essentially, the two students who participated each started working at MI before their senior year of high school. By the time they received their diplomas in June, they were already working full-time at MI plants.

Usually reserved for when students sign on as athletes to play at colleges and universities, I love this fresh take on “signing day.” It highlights the trades as a viable career.

I love highlighting stories like this so if you have one to share, a way you are working to educate young people on the trades, I would love to tell your story. Email me at

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