In a technology-saturated society, it seems there is an app for everything.

Delivery apps are popping up all over the country

Meanwhile, as online services make rapid delivery the norm, suppliers and retailers are pressed to keep up with those standards—including door and window dealers. Before, that meant investing the energy and money into creating a delivery team capable of meeting demands for quick onsite delivery.

Now, with the emergence of construction material delivery services, suppliers have the option for partnering with companies through apps and websites.

While many of these services are still very new and haven’t yet reached nationwide coverage, expansion is expected, according to the app suppliers reached by [DWM].



This company wears several hats by offering moving, hauling and retail delivery services, including both last-mile and middle-mile transportation assistance. It functions similar to Uber; anyone can apply to be a delivery driver with their own vehicle, creating a variety of size options, from “courier” sized cars, SUVs and mini-vans, to box trucks. If they meet the requirements, they can take deliveries whenever they choose.

Through the app, builders can request a driver to pick up materials they’ve already ordered and expect them within a few hours, the company claims. Shaun Savage, GoShare’s CEO and founder, says the goal is to make moving materials quicker without taking a worker from jobsites. The company is currently operating in several cities in both the Western and Eastern U.S., as well as a few locations in the Midwest and South. For specific information, check out GoShare’s website:


StructShare is a purchasing software designed for contractors to help them organize the orders they have with various companies. By ordering through the site or app, contractors can compare prices, get an analysis of their material cost and rates, and keep all of their orders consolidated in one place for ease of reference and communication.

On the other side of the service, suppliers can list their products and use the information found on the site to maintain a competitive edge, officials suggest, all while having a singular communication line through the site. This company requires builders to pay to use services but for suppliers to list their products it is free. For more info on how to sign up, visit their website:


This on-demand, last-mile delivery platform is focused on the building industry. Through both app and website services, the company works with local building suppliers internally as an extension of their current delivery services. With both driver and puller positions, suppliers don’t have to worry about gathering materials themselves or pulling workers to make deliveries.  Builders can order through the app or even just request a run for orders they have already placed with the promise of same-day delivery.

Supplier development representative Jarr Strydom says the “mission is to connect contractors, building material suppliers, and a network of drivers to complete jobs faster and keep skilled laborers on-site.”

TommyRun services are currently offered in Austin, Texas, and Atlanta, with several other cities soon to be added, officials say. For more details visit:


This Canada-based company’s app is working to not only fill gaps through on-demand delivery but also by providing an accessible online marketplace for all things construction, says Erik Bornstein, Toolbx founder and CEO. The company was started about three years ago and is seeing rapid customer demand with about 4,000 users on the platform daily, Bornstein says, and plans to expand to the U.S.

Toolbx offers a catalog with over 30,000 products and the option to place custom orders. They can deliver mostly any sized material from lumber to drywall, officials say, and an added perk includes free coffee for the workers with each on-site delivery. In addition to online shopping and delivery services, Toolbx also has a community blog page designed to connect workers in the construction industry through advice columns and various interactive opportunities. For more info, visit:

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