Customers, dealers and other guests were able to see and experience new technology firsthand during CMS North America’s open house to highlight the new showroom at its Caledonia, Mich., facility. The open house included software and machinery demonstrations as well as presentations about return on investment, production needs and more.

CMS’s $3.5 million investment converted warehouse space into a new showroom with an overlooking conference room

CMS’s $3.5 million investment converted warehouse space into a new showroom with an overlooking conference room. Christopher Nesbit, national marketing manager for CMS North America says that in the past, the company would take potential customers to see demonstrations at existing customers’ facilities.

“We wanted a place to set up brand new machines, some that have not yet been installed in North America,” he says. “We had four machines that have never been sold to customers here before because they’re so new. We’ll continue to take potential customers to existing customers’ facilities, but it’s a nice opportunity to have the newest technology available and to do demonstrations on demand and to test out applications.”

Automation was a big theme at the open house, as it is across all sectors in the industry. CMS set up a fully integrated line with two machines capable of communicating with robots.

Nesbit says the company may hold another open house, if not every year then every other year.

“This one, in particular, had special timing. It aligned with the 50th anniversary of CMS Global. It was by accident but it worked out. We celebrated that as well,” he says, adding that there was a high level of interest from many of the people who attended.

In addition to its glass machinery, CMS has equipment for several other material divisions, according to Nesbit.

“We’re always trying to grow our range and bring offerings that match our customers’ needs. There are things the customer might not know they need yet,” he says. “… We want to introduce new concepts to help companies work more efficiently, cost-efficiently and faster. Those are the common themes behind the machines we design and sell.”

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