Well, if you’ve seen my mugshot and you’ve had a look at our latest magazine cover, then you know that the title for this blog post isn’t about me. And though he’s certainly got a leg up on me, it isn’t about the guy on the cover, either (Andrew Keenan, president and owner of Maui Windows and Doors). It’s about the “new” [DWM] magazine.

On that note, I guess I should start by saying: Surprise! We worked hard and in secret for many months to keep this under wraps. So far as I can tell, we managed to do it.

When we set out to do a redesign, we did it for a few reasons. After 18 years, it was definitely time for a new look, including a new logo. Book-ended by brackets, we feel that it not only “says” doors and windows (i.e. stiles and rails, frames and grilles), but media. More specifically: new media. But there’s more to the aesthetic than meets the eye, or at least we think.

Something for Everyone

The information [DWM] provides hasn’t changed. It’s still the same, comprehensive industry publication that it’s always been—covering all facets of doors and windows, from raw materials through installation. Our audience is the same as it’s ever been, including an all-encompassing one of all with interest or involvement in fenestration. We still provide everything from daily news (via the e-newsletter) to feature stories. None of that has changed. What is different is how [DWM] presents its content—including in ways that make it not only more visually appealing, but also easier to navigate.

Within the magazine’s departments (What’s News, Ones to Watch), you’ll not only find new color palettes and more spacious layouts, but entirely new formats. [DWM]’s readers span manufacturing, contracting, sales/distribution and corporate. By headlining our content with such things as brands, work departments and even the names of individuals, we think you’ll find it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for and what matters most to your corner of the industry. While I hope that you’ll read a little of everything, the format allows you to “shop” the exact information you’re looking for, by company type, area of business or even by specific names and faces. The same is true for products, where we’re paring down information, but making it even more succinct and relevant to specific readers.

The Secret Is Back

Speaking of audience, those of you who’ve been around long enough to watch my hair go away will notice the return of a familiar component: Secret Shopper. Written especially with our dealer audience in mind—and with plenty of anecdotes to learn from—this one’s like an old pair of jeans for me. Fifteen years ago, it was one of the first things I wrote for SHELTER magazine, which eventually became part of [DWM], and it was always one of our more popular departments. By going undercover to experience showrooms, sales processes and retail experiences around the country, our writers distill those experiences into something we all can learn from.

“Navigation” isn’t a word you often hear associated with print, but with our new design, I think we’ve found a way to do it. Let us know what you think.

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