As part of its new brand identity, Marvin has rebuilt its website. The revamped design, officials said, aims to make it easier for consumers to navigate product collections.

Marvin announced it was rebranding in April, shortening its name from Marvin Windows and Doors to simply Marvin. After more than 100 years of being Marvin Windows and Doors, the change was designed to simplify the product discovery and exploration process for consumers. Changes to the company’s website were expected, even as the rebranding was announced.

Brett Boyum, the company’s vice president of brand and user experience, noted at that time that consumer feedback indicated that the previous website “could get confusing and complicated for a homeowner who is maybe just initiating the process of trying to educate themselves around windows and doors,” especially when facing multiple brands, each with their own “story” but still tied to a parent company. Company officials say that the new website was created with significant research, planning, and content development that included feedback from industry professionals, partners and homeowners.

“At Marvin, we’re committed to imagining and creating better ways of living. Our website experience is designed with this in mind – we want anyone to easily understand the breadth of Marvin products and services and be inspired by the potential impact natural light, fresh air and access to the outdoors can have on a space and the people within it,” said Kerry Munger, digital strategy manager at Marvin.

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