The door and window industry has the constant challenge of finding and keeping quality employees for businesses, but what if a software program could help you make better hiring decisions? One digital marketing company in the construction sector has purchased a license to use a predictive indexing (PI) software to aid it in finding the right fit for potential hires, as well as seeing where its current employees would excel. AP Corp. CEO Bill Valway said the company has found success since using it.

“About two years ago I noticed a pattern with the company, we had really good doers and they’d often excel at their craft. Unfortunately when we promoted some of them they would fail in their new roles,” said Valway.

A notable point with PI software is that it can access behavioral patterns. According to Valway, there are 26 different types available with the software his company uses. Once finding out what a new hire’s natural behavioral pattern is it becomes easier to see if that person would do well in certain roles. AP Corp has been using PI software since May and is still learning more about the software’s benefits.

“The software is incredible, I was first introduced to it in a training session. Since we’ve been using it we’ve found that a lot of times people don’t fit into the job they have or might be applying for,” said Valway.

The assessment is comprised of two pages. The first page is a list of words, of which the person taking it would select words they believe best describes themselves. The second page has the same list of words, this time however, the person must choose words that best describe their job. This includes how they believe they are expected to act while performing their tasks. On average most finish the assessment in about ten minutes, according to Valway. The main goal is to survey each person to measure their behavioral drives or interests. It does not measure what a person can or can’t do, as there are no right or wrong answers.

He also mentioned if a person is not in a job or role that is in line with their behavioral patterns it would be similar to writing your signature without using your dominant hand. “Yes you could still do it, but it’ll take you more time and it won’t turn out the same way as if you were naturally able to write it,” he said.

Although the software has been effective it is not the only hiring tool used when making decisions about current and future employees.

“We can’t say it’s 100% effective yet, but it’s been beneficial to learn how people handle stress or other situations based on their behavioral path. It’s definitely not the end all be all for us, as we use other methods to aid us in selecting new hires too,” said Valway.

According to Valway, more businesses should consider utilizing PI software.

“It’s what the big companies are using and it’s a tool that will prove its value. It measures things like a person’s patience, ability to make decisions and how dominant they are,” he said.

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