Technoform’s global team is celebrating the company’s 50th year in business. Founded in 1969 and based in Kassel, Germany, Technoform has more than 1,400 associates in 45 production and distribution centers across five continents. Its North American operations were established in 2005 and are headquartered in Twinsburg, Ohio.

“It’s exciting to celebrate another milestone in our success that has been achieved as a result of the relationships with our customers, the partnerships with our suppliers and the entrepreneurial thinking and actions of our employees. We look forward to the next milestone as we continue to grow by adding value for our customers through our innovative products and services,” said Milind Jhaveri, of Technoform North America.

Chad Ricker, also of Technoform North America, agreed adding, “We’re proud to work at a family-owned, and financially independent organization that values its employees and its customers. Through this relationship-driven approach, we look forward to many more decades of success.”

Technoform supplies a range of custom-made solutions and precision-engineered, standardized plastic products for a wide range of industries worldwide. In North America, Technoform is recognized for its façades, cladding and fenestration systems.

“We are specialists, and we will remain specialists,” said Technoform’s global managing partner Andreas Caprano. “The specialized extrusion process developed by Technoform allows us to create very complex geometries, with a wide variety of material compositions and properties, and exceptionally high precision.”

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