IGMA executive director Margaret Webb and AAMA executive director Janice Yglesias give members an overview of the proposed organization unification during the Joint AAMA/IGMA Summer Conference’s opening session.

The joint American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) and Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA) Summer Conference is underway in Victoria, B.C., and the potential unification was the first topic addressed.

AAMA executive director Janice Yglesias and IGMA executive director Margaret Webb gave an overview of the process to members of both organizations. Yglesias explained that a 23-minute webinar about the organizations’ brand strategy is available for members to watch.

“Preserving the extensive brand equity that exists today for both AAMA and IGMA emerged as a topic of critical importance to both memberships,” she said.

A unification prospectus was issued to members on June 3. The prospectus covers the proposed structure, steering committees, conference structure, document development and balloting, certification and educational programs, research projects, website, personnel and the financials. It was reissued on June 14 with newly included bylaws that cover how the membership categories and voting would work.

Webb said that this conference is like a date, allowing members of both organizations to experience how the other works. Following the conference AAMA and IGMA will gather member feedback to determine if anything needs to be tweaked before finalizing the proposed unification plan for ballot next month.

AAMA will ballot all category 1 members. At least 30 members must respond and approve or disapprove of the new organization name and bylaws. Of the total responses, two thirds must pass for the unification to be approved.

IGMA will ballot all fenestration and insulating glass manufacturers, as well as suppliers and auditing and testing members. A greater than 15% response rate is required and greater than 50% of the responses must be approval for the unification to pass. Manufacturer responses must also exceed supplier and auditing/testing responses by at least one vote.

Both organizations must approve the unification for it to be implemented.

“Change is scary. No one likes change, but it’s inevitable,” said Webb. “Change is coming faster and faster. We’re here to answer your questions. Please vote.”

If both organizations approve the unification, then the two existing boards will be merged to govern the unification implementation steps collectively for the remainder of 2019. A strategic planning meeting would be held, most likely in October, to look at the vision and priorities for the new organization and to create a three- to five-year strategy. They will also complete brand development work.

If one or both organizations disapprove the unification, then the AAMA board will hold a board strategic planning meeting to review its three- to five-year strategy for the organization on its own. The IGMA board would then meet to review alternative options to address Webb’s upcoming retirement and the future management of the organization.

Several members stepped up to express their support for the unification. Mike DeSoto, COO and vice president of MI Windows and Doors, said that many companies send members to both meetings. Combining the organizations would create an opportunity to have a bigger group of people at one meeting and an opportunity to collaborate on issues. He also said that standards would have a better chance of being adopted.

Donnie Hunter with Kawneer said, “The standards and documents these organizations have produced have guided our industry to date. Joining us together will make us stronger. I hope everyone will support the unification effort.”

The joint AAMA/IGMA Summer Conference runs through Thursday, June 20. Stay tuned to USGNN™ for our continuing coverage of the event throughout the week.

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