NanaWall’s expanded U.S. facility in Richmond, Calif., will increase the company’s capacity by 125%. (Photo provided by NanaWall.)

At a time when tariffs look to drive more U.S.-based manufacturing, officials for NanaWall Systems say those taxes were in part what spurred the company to proceed with expanding one of its domestic operations. Though an addition was already slated for the next five years, the company’s marketing manager, Matt Thomas, says the current climate of tariff increases helped to advance those plans. The resulting 90,000-square-foot expansion to its Richmond, Calif.-based facility more than doubles its size, while moving production for some of the company’s products from Germany to the U.S.—also adding jobs and machinery. Additional motivators include cutting lead times, Thomas says, along with the costs for overseas shipping.

“While many other companies are moving manufacturing overseas, NanaWall saw a chance to instead increase our American production capabilities through this expansion,” says NanaWall Systems CEO Ebrahim Nana in a company statement. “We are moving some elements of production from Germany into the U.S., which means increased local job opportunities, as well as a more efficient manufacturing process, faster time to market and, therefore, faster delivery of products …”

According to Thomas, the company is still in the process of determining whether to bring its wood or frameless systems manufacturing to the U.S., based upon which is more efficient for manufacturing at the newly-expanded facility. The company’s goal is to have the products that are sold in North America and Central America be manufactured in the U.S., and for its 600,000-square-foot facility in Germany to manufacturer systems for the rest of the world, officials say.

The expanded U.S. facility will increase the company’s capacity by 125%.

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