Property owners in Galveston, Texas, are suing a local door and window manufacturer on claims that the company provided them with defective materials that are unable to withstand the severe coastal conditions of the area. The plaintiffs in this case are seeking more than $1 million in monetary relief.

In a complaint filed last month, Allen Howard, American Villas LLC, Donald Sinclair, GMC Land Investments LLC and Robert Pierce claim Grand Openings Inc. knowingly sold them faulty products, also breaching their contract and warranty. According to court documents, Grand Openings Inc. provided more than 300 doors and windows for four listed residences located on the beach. The plaintiffs allege exterior storm- and wind-rated windows leaked, insulating glass seals failed, and exterior doors and frame finishes failed for a total failure rate of 70%, causing damages to their properties. Within the plaintiffs’ petition to the court, they suggest, pursuant to the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Act, that they are entitled to recuperate the economic damages caused by the material defects, as well as court costs, attorney fees and other relief permitted by law. According to court documents, the plaintiffs are seeking more than $1 million in damages as part of the lawsuit.

The doors and windows were installed in new homes in Beachtown, a planned community with primary and secondary homes near the Gulf of Mexico ranging from $1-6 million. The plaintiffs claim Grand Openings “fraudulently coerced and induced” them into purchasing doors and windows which would be able “to withstand the harsh costal environment, including salty air, heavy rains, high winds and other coastal hazards.” However, the door and window company knowingly sold defective products unable to withstand the area’s weather conditions, the petition alleges, causing the plaintiff’s to “suffer significant damages” to their homes. Until the doors and windows are replaced, the plaintiffs suggest their homes will continue to be damaged.

Five plaintiffs in the case are being represented by attorney Cris A. Rasco, of the Rasco Law Firm in Texas City, Texas. According to court records, a copy of the plaintiffs’ petition was delivered to a Grand Openings representative. A conference status hearing is set for June 27.

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