Robert Doyon, cofounder and creator of Atis Group, has announced his retirement. After serving the company for 16 years, Doyon will retire in the second quarter of 2019.

“I have devoted 16 years of my life to reach my goal of creating the largest national window and door manufacturer and to leave behind a legacy as an entrepreneur in Quebec and in Canada,” Doyon says. “Turning this dream into a reality was made possible thanks to the excellent work and passion of each and every Atis Group employee.”

With nine plants and more 30 stores, Atis Group now includes 1,400 employees and nearly 200 million in revenue.

Since announcing his retirement, Doyon has been involved in identifying his replacement and working alongside Atis Group’s leadership team to ensure a smooth and successful transition.

He has noted that “the strength of Atis Group is that we put the team before the individual—this is also our primary core value. There are not enough words to express my gratitude for everyone’s excellent work and support over the past 16 years.”


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