Justin Troyer and Grant Snyder assemble ProVia entry doors.

The Healthy Business Council of Ohio has awarded door and window manufacturer ProVia with a Silver Award for healthy worksite practices. Presented amid its 15th annual Healthy Worksite awards ceremony, the recognition goes to Ohio employers who demonstrate a commitment to employee wellness through comprehensive worksite health promotion and wellness programs. Applicants are scored on the extent that their wellness programs facilitate and encourage employee health, while enhancing productivity and ensuring healthy work environments.

“This has solidified what a great work environment and a lot of the programs that we offer to our employees,” says Tricia Hicks, ProVia’s corporate wellness specialist. “It’s not about the paycheck. It’s about the other benefits that you get for working with a company and I think it just exemplifies what we do here at ProVia beyond what you earn in your paycheck.”

Layne Harding builds ProVia windows.

A total of 73 Ohio employers were honored with the 2018 Healthy Worksite Award.

“When you think about how many companies exist in the state of Ohio, it’s a really tiny percentage that have actually achieved this level,” says Joe Klink, Provia’s director of corporate relations.

The company also runs an extensive Corporate Care program that’s designed to empower employees and their families to live fulfilling lifestyles that, “enrich the spirit, mind and body,” Klink says. The Program is focused on enhancing employee well-being in six crucial areas: emotional, social, financial, physical, spiritual and professional.

“From a holistic standpoint, we realized when you have one area of your life that isn’t going well, it affects all areas. And we offer different programs in each of those. I’ve heard our CEO say before, ‘As often as those things scare us, they are the ones that we need to work on the most.”

For the last three years, ProVia has also maintained an employee compassion fund, Klink says, set up to assist employees in times of crisis.

“ProVia really cares about its employees. It’s one thing for a company to say it, but then for them to live it out, and by offering these programs, it does show that people care,” Hicks says. “Our employee compassion fund gave out over $70,000 to employees who needed help either from personal tragedy or for medical expenses,” she adds. “We have a real family feel here. Since we’re growing so rapidly—close to 1,000 employees now—we’re still trying to keep that small feel.”

Craig Mullet, VP Corporate Care, ProVia.

Regarding why a building products manufacturer would create such programs, Craig Mullet, vice president of corporate care for ProVia, concludes, “We don’t view our ultimate purpose in life as simply building things. We view the company as a vehicle to work in each other’s lives. To help each other on this earth is what we are called to do.”

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  1. I found myself one day having heart surgery ,with little insurance. Provia through my brother came to my rescue providing funds until i was able to get back on my feet. I can’t say how many times that I’ve thank them for coming forward and providing for my family. Truly life changing

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