MI Windows and Doors ‘ plant floor

Officials for MI Windows and Doors recently announced that the company’s MI Profiles extrusion facility, in Millersburg, Pa., is nominated for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Voluntary Protection Program Star (VPP Star). If awarded, the recognition would mark a hat trick for the company in the area of safety, following its Gratz, Pa., and Prescott Valley, Ariz., plants, which received the award in 2017.

Started in 1982, OSHA’s VPP program was introduced to inspire companies to excel in providing workplace safety. The program’s designations are divided into two categories, “Merit” and “Star,” with Star being the more renowned level of achievement. The nomination for MI’s Millersburg, Pa.-based facility results from a three-day evaluation of its extrusion operations.

“This is an awesome moment,” says Jeff Paradise, MI’s Eastern vice president of manufacturing and extrusion. “This is six years of hard work coming to fruition.”
Founded in 1947, MI provides a comprehensive range of door and window products. Meanwhile, officials for the company say its commitment to safety; quality and service are exemplified by the people who represent it nationwide.

As the first extrusion facility in the country to garner OSHA’s VPP Star, Paradise, and Tony Kassab, head of safety, say their company will press on in its efforts to focus on safety—including beyond the award.
“Every year you must show improvement,” Paradise says. “Every year our safety manager will send in different forms of application, showing what we have done to improve over the time of the audit,” including digging as much as necessary in order to find additional areas for improvement, adds Kassab.

As a formality, OSHA’s recommendation will now be sent to the Department of Labor for official approval.

“When we went for it, we wanted to go for the gold,” Paradise says, when asked what affect the distinction means for his company. “We wanted to have a direct mission for the team—not only for myself and Tony. If someone gets hurt on a job, it’s not only affecting that person, it’s affecting many people. When we look out into the parking lot, and see all these vehicles out here, those are families. We want them to go home the same way they came to work.”

Paradise says his company is perpetuating plans for its facilities in Texas and Hegins, Pa., to pass through VPP evaluation in the near future.

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