I was working through some items with various sales teams over the past month and, as sometimes is the case, one of the conversations gravitated toward the weather, and the ‘polar vortex.’ We got into a discussion about how this cold weather pattern was affecting sales. For one thing, canvassers and cold calling were non-existent, because it was just too cold to be outside. Is this an appropriate pun or what?

As one of these meetings evolved, one ‘rookie’ said something like, ‘But if it is cold, isn’t this the perfect time to show homeowners that they need new windows?’ It’s tough to argue with the ‘newbies’ logic. It doesn’t matter if it is in the winter or summer, weather is always a great excuse to sell windows.

So, if it is too cold for the canvassers to get out, how do you generate leads? If you are an in-home sales person, it doesn’t hurt to do some door knocking yourself. While you’re at it, be sure to canvass the jobs you have already sold. If you are a B2B salesperson, if you are ‘cold calling,’ be memorable and be different.

My friend, John Condry says you never have to stand in line to make a cold call. We may take for granted that people already know about us, have done the research and have multiple people calling on them. But often times this isn’t the case. Go after your ‘wish list’ of potential projects or potential customers and be creative in doing it!

Finally, you can either lament the weather or take advantage of it. The weather can be your friend; you just have to figure out how to take advantage of it. Do something different to generate leads. Most of the time, putting that extra effort in puts you over the top and separates you from the competition.

Great Selling!

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