In centuries past, there were no door and window manufacturers—only makers, who constructed their products by hand. Sierra Pacific Windows’ Westchester Double Hung Window seeks to bring some of those design aesthetics and original charm back. Company officials say they achieve the narrowest check rail site-line in the high-end window market and historically accurate sash proportions, while achieving structural and thermal performance ratings that are hard to beat among double hung windows.

The Westchester Double Hung offers PG50 performance in most standard sizes, while achieving U-value ratings of 0.27, via a thermally-broken sash design and dual-pane, insulating Lo-E 366 glass with argon. Triple-pane glass pushes performance to U-value 0.17. Meanwhile, 110-pound sash weights, standard constant-force balances and an optional Class 5 Hybrid Spiral Balance (for sashes up to 140 lbs. in weight) keep sashes moving smoothly and easily.

The product comes with an integral aluminum nail fin and is suited to both residential and commercial uses.

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