BAU 2019 is underway at the Messe München in Munich, Germany, this week, where glass industry companies are displaying their latest technologies. The six-day trade fair features 2,250 exhibitors from 45 countries, focusing on architecture, materials and systems for commercial, residential and interior construction.

Vetrotech is focusing on its Contraflam Struction 30 Vetrogard RC2/RC4 project, a flush butt-joint fire protection glass solution for internal partitions with integrated burglar protection. Photo: Vetrotech Saint-Gobain photographer Patric Colling

Amid the exhibitors on hand, Press Glass premiered its 3D Glass product, which uses a new approach to thermoforming glass that’s based on ceramic molds rather than metal. A company release says the ceramic molds give

more freedom to the formation of large surfaces composed of unique glass lites. According to company officials, the new 3D Glass technology allows architects to design three-dimensional glass surfaces and facades that are smooth, while also providing improved acoustic insulation, load resistance, safety and thermal insulation.

BAU also brought another addition to the vacuum insulating glass (VIG) category this week: Fineo, from AGC Interpane. The company’s new VIG has no visible evacuation opening, which company officials say ensures a clear view through the glass. It consists of two glass lites, each at least 3-mm thick, with a highly insulating coating, separated by a 0.1-mm vacuum layer.

According to the company, the daylight transmittance is around 15 percent higher than that of conventional triple-pane glazing with two low-E layers.

Vetrotech Saint-Gobain is also exhibiting at the show, focusing on its Contraflam Struction 30 Vetrogard RC2/RC4 project—a flush, butt-joint fire protection glass solution for internal partitions with integrated burglar protection. The transparent fire solution has a combination of 30 minutes fire resistance and breakthrough resistance in the tested classes of RC2 to RC4.

A lot of space for good conversations: AGC Interpane’s new trade fair stand. Photo: AGC Interpane / Zeissig

“[For] many years, Vetrotech Saint-Gobain is happy to be part of the world’s leading trade fair for architecture, materials and systems in Munich,” says Rico Strueby, public relations specialist with Vetrotech Saint-Gobain.  “[It’s great] being able to show what our fire-rated and high security solutions are capable of, developing new projects together with customers and partners and thereby contributing in making the world a safer place.”

Guardian Glass showcased its dynamic shading solution at the show, which has no mechanical parts. The shade is activated by passing a small current through conductive layers, creating an electrostatic attraction between the thin shade and the glass surface. Shading happens in seconds and the technology doesn’t need to be hard-wired into a building’s main power supply. Instead, it can be battery-powered with solar-powered recharging.

The show runs through January 19.

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