Owners and would-be customers for ODL Inc.’s Blink Blinds + Glass should have an easier time finding supporting information for those products, after company officials announced Thursday that it has implemented a new website. In addition to new visuals and content aimed at hooking audiences into the company’s blinds-between-glass concept, officials say the new site also includes content aimed at professionals, including such things as technical information on performance, codes, safety certifications and thermal performance.

A color visualizer is also designed to help consumers determine color matches for their homes, along with clarified descriptions of which products are available for doors versus windows.Interactive animations illustrate raise, lower and tilt functions, to help convey the blinds-between-glass concept.

While visitors previously had to leave the Blink website in order to retrieve troubleshooting videos, company officials say that information is now collocated with the new materials, along with care and maintenance tutorials. Product samples are also now available directly through the website, along with an updated “Where To Buy” page, where consumers can search for manufacturers offering Blink.


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