Some prognosticators are predicting slower growth among remodeling projectsin 2019. Additionally, there are those who believe that we can’t sustain the  economic growthwe established in 2018.

Time for hand-wringing and woe is me thinking? Of course not, right?

You’ve entered 2019 with a fully fleshed out home improvement marketing plan that helps to focus your lead generation efforts. (If not, there’s still time … go back and read my last few posts about how to develop such a plan.)

Executing this plan also requires remembering that the buying journey that homeowners go through continues to change. Spend time understanding how people buy and then ensure that your marketing efforts put you in front of them at the right times—when they’re going through their journey as buyers.

When you bought your last automobile, who was the last person you talked to? For most people, today, that would be the salesperson.

Like it or not, that’s happening in our home improvement businesses as well.

Here’s some thoughts to help prepare you for this ongoing change.

Put on your best face

  • How old is your website? Understand that they WILL look at your website BEFORE they talk to you personally.
  • Does your site talk more about you, or your customers?

Give them something to talk about

  • When is the last time you reviewed your reviews? When is the last time you got a review?
  • Rather than just the standard testimonial, why not work on a few case studies? All of those, “They did a great job,” comments are fine, but think about how a potential customer might react to one of your customers talking about a specific issue they had (preferably, one that’s common to a lot of folks), and how you solved it.

Showcase your style

  • Especially as millennials get more involved in purchasing home improvements, beauty and style become a bigger part of the buying decision.
  • To be considered in today’s buyers’ world, design tools that allow a potential customer to build their product ahead of seeing you are almost necessities.

This sort of “putting yourself in their shoes” practice will help to make your marketing efforts more effective and can get you a bigger share of opportunities, no matter what happens with the economy.


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