Officials for VPI Quality Windows recently announced plans to relocate its Beaverton, Ore.-based facility to Spokane, Wash., in early 2019. According to company officials, the move will allow the company to expand operations at its corporate headquarters, while positioning for future growth and into new markets.

Company officials explain that the decision was made earlier in the year, when VPI learned that its Beaverton lease would not be renewed. After surveying several options, company leaders decided the move to Spokane would be the best for both the company and its customers.

“We have seen tremendous growth over the last five years and strongly believe this trend will continue, including expansion into new markets,” says Burke Blevins, president and CEO. “Given current and projected demand, it is imperative we position the company for future growth and honor our commitment to delivering the highest quality products in a cost-effective, timely, efficient manner. Expanding operations in Spokane will allow us to continue to deliver on this promise.”

VPI’s Beaverton employees have been notified of the plans to relocate, and, according to a company release, all employees in good standing have been offered relocation assistance. In addition, the company is investing significant time and resources into helping those who opt not to move, to secure new employment.

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