As the midterm elections came to a close, I received countless direct mail pieces from various candidates. Because of my background in sales and marketing, I’ll admit, I looked at these campaign advertisements more closely than the “average” person. In the process, I noticed that many times I received the same piece more than once from the same candidate. There were hard stock pieces, oversized pieces, bullet pointed pieces—you name it. But many of them stood out as being unique.

Some of these marketing pieces I received over a month ago, and yet I am just now getting rid of them. Point being—they received many impressions from me, because I held on to them for so long.

I would say that print marketing, whether it’s direct mail, a billboard or some other form of print medium, is very effective, because it gives the prospective consumer a lot of “top-of-mind” awareness.

Many dealers in our industry have a key demographic that they do better in, and some of those age groups respond to this type of marketing more than others., a popular content marketing company, also says comprehension of print advertising is stronger. This makes sense to me, as you have more time to study the advertising message. They also suggest that print is more trustworthy. Again, I think we can all relate to this.

Finally, just as copycats duplicate successful lead generation ideas, sometimes it is great to go back to “old school” ideas. The space tends to be less crowded, and it’s tried and true!

Great Selling!


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  1. Great points, Tyson! I also gave many impressions to these mid-term print pieces. I’ve even saved one for posterity because I like it so much (hazard of working in marketing, I suppose). It’s definitely time to take a fresh look at print!

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