Therma-Tru Corp. recently announced a new partnership with adhesives manufacturer OSI to create a Certified Door System Installer Training Program. The new online-based program is free, and seeks to educate industry installers on the best practices for sealing and installing Therma-Tru door systems.

“Our new certification program is designed to help contractors build knowledge, skills and confidence by educating them on the best way to install a Therma-Tru door system,” says Eric Dotson, senior manager, channel enablement for Therma-Tru Corp.

The new program features instructional videos with industry experts from both companies. Video topics include: identifying necessary tools; correct removal of an existing door; the best way to seal an opening and install a new door; adding finishing touches and more.

The program also includes a lesson from OSI on building science and wall barriers.

“The program enables contractors to complete it on their schedule, from any location,” says Todd Kippel, senior manager, technical sales and customer engagement for Therma-Tru Corp. “It allows us to provide convenient access to training for trade professionals located in rural areas, major cities and everywhere in between.”

Once the program is completed, participants receive a certificate and credential card, proving their status as a Therma-Tru Certified Door System Installer.

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