It’s that time of year again. The time when holiday decorations seem to fill stores a bit early and bargains appear. Consumers aren’t just buying clothing and gifts the day after Thanksgiving: you could be encouraging them to buy new windows. Many companies, including Andersen, are running specials. The company is running a promotion for its Renewal by Andersen brand through November 23, offering what the company describes as substantial savings.

But before dealers jump in on the festivities, there are several key factors to consider prior to running a sale, says Joe Mills, director of marketing for Sunrise Windows and Doors.

The timing is right, Mills says, as Black Friday arrives in the late fall, just as drafty doors and windows start to take a toll on homeowners. For this reason, he suggests that dealers combine the seasons (a season of buying with the cooling effects of fall) to help urge customers along.

“We have several dealers that are very successful with the concept, but, due to the nature of the business, the Black Friday piece is usually the final day of the promotion,” says Mills.

In other words: You’ve got to get your timing right.

With the hectic nature of the holidays, Mills suggests that buyers will be distracted with more prioritized purchases, like shopping for gifts and family gatherings—all of which take time out of schedules.

“A promotion at this time of year can create urgency for the homeowner to go ahead and pull the trigger now,” says Mills.

And just as most Black Friday retail deals have migrated to online, the trick, Mills says, is to land sales by meeting customers where they are—including at the research phase.

“Promos help to shorten that cycle,” he says.

It’s also critical that dealers work in promotions that homeowners “can believe in,” he explains.

Mills says that the occasion has already paid off for Sunrise, which just completed its most successful promotion in company history.

“[It was] a very simple promotion that helped our dealers not only get many homeowners off the fence, but also to purchase more windows than they might have initially,” he says. “We are evaluating other opportunities to help our dealer partners finish what has already been a tremendous year, even stronger.”

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