Members of the door and window related industries are mourning the death of Kim Flanary, who passed away on Saturday, November 10, 2018. Flanary, who was engineering director at Milgard Windows and Doors, where he worked for 25 years, was preceded in death by his mother, who passed just two days earlier.

Kim Flanary, photo courtesy of AAMA

A long-time member of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA), Flanary attended his first AAMA event in 2004 and was recognized with the Outstanding Member award in 2014. This award is given to an individual who has distinguished themselves in their work and dedication to the advancement of AAMA and the industry as a whole. He also served as Chairman of the Board (2013-2014) in addition to numerous other leadership, committee and task group positions, and was a member of the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA).

Flanary was a Residential Products Group Distinguished Service Award winner, a Marketing Distinguished Service Award winner and a participant in 74 committees and task groups, including nine of AAMA’s 11 governing board committees.

“For many of you, like me, Kim was a treasured colleague and friend for many, many years,” says Janice Yglesias, AAMA executive vice president. “He will be missed in a way that cannot be adequately expressed in words. AAMA will never be the same without him, but I, for one, am eternally grateful for having had the opportunity to know him and learn from him.”

Flanary’s wife, Janet, also attended AAMA events and is well loved by its members, their spouses and staff. He is also survived by two daughters – Danielle and Desiree.

Desiree reached out to AAMA to thank everyone for sharing wonderful memories and stories the last few days. The family would like to expand upon that, and Desiree (on behalf of her mother) asked that the following information be shared.

“Thank you, everyone, for the kind words, prayers, hugs and love. It means the world to me, to us. I always knew my dad was an amazing person, but hearing some of the stories and memories from you has been so wonderful. We have created an email address; please feel free to send a story or favorite memory of our dad to We want to create a book that we can read and remember him with.”

Many in the industry have shared their stories or thoughts about Flanary. Kimberly Kenzevich, solutions sale executive with AmesburyTruth, knew Flanary for 20 years, through both Milgard and AAMA.

“I looked up to him in so many ways,” says Kenzevich. “The way he talked about his family with so much love and pride, the respect he had for his team and co-workers and how he encouraged me over the years and believed in me. The long lunches I had with him and his team when I went to Milgard talking about biking, hiking, family and even some work. I would apologize for taking up so much of his time and he would always tell me, ‘You came a long way to have this meeting, the least we can do is give you the time you deserve.’ He talked me through the AAMA Fenestration Master’s Program many times throughout my study and encouraged me to finish when I was so ready to give up. He believed in me. He was a true friend. I always knew I could go to him for business-related advice and guidance. Kim believed in the ‘good’ in people and the ‘good’ in the world. He was the light in the room and will be greatly missed.”

Mark Caldwell worked with Flanary at Milgard Windows & Doors.

“Kim was not just my boss and mentor, he was also my friend [and] the type of man he was is proved four and a half years ago when I had kidney and liver transplants,” says Caldwell. “Before I had them he would come twice a week to my dialysis and when I had them three times a week, he was there to make me feel needed even with me near death,” says Caldwell. “He was there for me all the way through, a man that made me feel like I was a value to him. He was an amazing selfless man with whomever he came in contact with. After my surgeries he would come to my house and comfort me while I was recovering. The support he gave me and my wife made us feel like I was going to make it back to work. For me this is more than his passing, it is a great loss to all mankind. I can say this, I will love him forever and I will continue what he showed me. I will continue spreading selflessness to all. For him!”

Ray Garries, vice president of engineering and innovation at MI Windows and Doors, also shared his experiences.

“Kim has been in our industry 25 years as a technical leader and executive at Milgard manufacturing,” says Garries. “During that time his influence was felt in every corner of our business. Kim not only did great things for Milgard but worked tirelessly on window and door standards at AAMA and directing work on thermal standards at other organizations. The volume of his work is impressive as he chaired at least 20 key committees over the years, eventually rising to chairman of the board at AAMA. During his leadership there, 25-plus standards were produced that included his influence of fairness, accuracy and transparency. Every time you see a mulled window assembly you can thank Kim as author and originator of the methods now used to qualify those units. He was always the calming voice in many debates and brought opposing ideas to compromise. With this ability Kim gained many friendships that last. I was fortunate to meet Kim early in his Milgard days and have counted him and his wife Janet as friends for many years. We have lost a great voice and key force that cannot be replaced. Godspeed, Kim!”

IGMA executive director Margaret Webb, also had kind words to say.

“Kim was one of the most personable people I have ever met,” says Webb. “He was not only an industry veteran, he was a consensus builder as anyone who attended a meeting with him knows. I personally will miss his kindness, sense of humor and support. He was and is an example of the best of us. I will miss him terribly.”

Tracy Rogers, a longtime member of the glass industry, also remembers Flanary warmly.

“I’ve known Kim and his wife, Janet, for more than 20 years and the simplest thing that I can say about Kim is that he was a truly good man and one of the best people that I’ve ever known,” remembers Rogers. “I’ve never heard Kim say a bad thing about anyone and he was always one of the best at bringing people together to find a place of understanding. Over many dinners we talked about his family and he was so proud of his daughters and loved to share about the times they spent running, biking and racing together. Kim was a good friend and my heart breaks for Janet and their family to know that he is gone. He will be missed greatly.”

Scott Warner, vice president of operations at Intertek Building and Construction, says he knew Flanary through AAMA industry standards writing activities and as a technical services supplier to Milgard Windows and Doors.

“Kim was a man of integrity, respectful to everyone’s opinion and collaborative,” Warner says. “In my 40 years in the building and construction industry, Kim stands out as a leader everyone looked up to and appreciated. His leadership and positive attitude will be missed.”

Flanary passed of a heart attack. Details about services are not yet available.

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  1. Kim was such a great guy. He was genuine in all respect. Such a class act and will be missed. Prayers going out to family.

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