Harvey Building Products announced today that it has acquired Northeast Building Products Corporation (NBP) based in Philadelphia, Pa., owned by Alan and Fran Levin. DWM magazine publisher Tara Taffera talked to Alan Levin, president and CEO of NBP, immediately after the news was announced.

Taffera: Well first of all congratulations. I have known you and Fran forever and am very happy for you.

Levin: Thank you Tara. We are thrilled. We literally just told my parents who are so excited for us and I knew you would be calling soon.

Taffera: Yes as soon as I saw the news I thought wow I have to call Alan and Fran. So how long have you been looking for a partner?

Alan Levin: They approached us about two years ago and we talked then but it didn’t go forward. It was right around the time they were buying Soft-Lite. They approached us again in August of this year. They couldn’t have made this any easier for us. They have been more than fair. The big thing was that they wanted Fran and I to stay. They love what we are doing. We are up 35 percent this year and they want to own it and have us keep growing the company.

Taffera: When those talks ended a few years ago, did you think this would happen?

Alan Levin: No, I really didn’t think it would come back again. But we felt now was the right time, and to have a bigger ship behind us is really important.

Why is Harvey Building Products the right fit?

Alan Levin: We talked to several different companies and most didn’t understand what we do on the dealer side of the business and the relationship side. Harvey completely understood. They weren’t looking to change what we did they were looking to enhance it.

Taffera: So what will change?

Alan Levin: Nothing but accelerated growth. Fran and I could not be more excited. They were very happy to have our children stay on with us and grow the business which to us is really important. Our daughter has worked with us for three years and our son is coming in May when he graduates.

Taffera: Well congratulations again.

Alan Levin: Thank you Tara.

For the press release detailing the acquisition click here.




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  1. Bernie and I are “kvelling” along with your magnificent Linda.
    We love you and the entire Levine/ Burstein Family and share in your joy.
    “To the moon, and back”
    We love you!
    Bobbie and Bernie

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