Marvin Modern, a new system of doors, windows and options that enables architects and builders to execute modern design projects, launched in fall 2018. A new-to-the-market material, according to company officials, Marvin Modern’s proprietary high-density fiberglass exterior, aluminum interior and patent-pending frame design delivers category-leading thermal and structural performance; enabling strength at large sizes, desirably narrow sight lines and longer lifespans. The product line is the result of in-depth research with modern architects and builders, testing and cross-industry collaboration.

Marvin Modern made its industry debut at the AIA Conference on Architecture, followed by a phased release. Multi-slide doors and direct-glaze windows were introduced in late fall 2018, to be followed by casement and awning windows in early 2019, with additional products being added to the lineup throughout the year. The multi-slide door will be available with Sliding Door Automatic Control, and all products will be available with Marvin’s factory-installed Lock Status Sensor.

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