Freeburg, Mo.-based Quaker Windows and Doors recently announced the purchase of 127 acres in Eldon, Mo., where the company has already begun construction for a new 200,000-square-foot facility. The new location will be utilized to produce commercial and architectural products, but officials say there’s enough land left over to allow for future construction as well, including more manufacturing facilities.

Rendering of Quaker’s Eldon facility.

Company officials say they attribute the new facility to Quaker’s success, especially with its ModernVu/M600 architectural line of doors and windows. With its latest investment, the company adds increased production for those and other products.

“This new facility will feature new, proprietary automation equipment that will increase capacity and output, while enhancing the already high quality of our products we produce,” says Bill Sifflard, Quaker’s director of business development.

This year has already seen a lot of growth for the company, Sifflard says. In January, Quaker opened a new wood window and door plant—a 185,000-square-foot facility that was opened to meet the demand for the company’s wood door and window products. The location is also home to Quaker’s OptiCore wood and aluminum window lines.

As part of the company’s strategic plan for growth, it also added new facilities in 2016 and 2017. In 2016, the company opened its new vinyl door and window plant. This was also an 185,000-square-foot facility which includes line automation for a number of the company’s products  meeting the growth needs of the company’s vinyl door and window business, Sifflard says.

In 2017, Quaker expanded its glass production facility, including a new jumbo-glass robotic gantry system, four new Hegla glass cutting systems and four new Erdman insulating glass lines. Sifflard says these additions more than quadrupled Quaker’s standard output.

“As the size of windows and doors has continued to get larger, the utilization of robotics and automation has had a tremendous impact on meeting customer expectations,” says Sifflard.

Meanwhile, the new Eldon location allows for future growth for the company, and will not disrupt any of the progress Quaker has already made, he adds.

“This expansion will not impact any of the nearly 1,000 jobs on our north and south campuses located outside Freeburg, but offers the opportunity to tap into a new labor pool to support our strategic growth and expansion plans,” says Sifflard. “Everyone is very excited about new line automation that we will continue to introduce into our facilities, as well as the new patented product technology that we will be rolling out to the marketing in the coming months.”

The new facility will also create jobs in the area.

“We are excited to be bringing new jobs to the Eldon region as part of our strategic growth plans moving forward, to support our customers’ needs and market demand,” says Quaker CEO Kevin Blansett. “This expansion is about growing our commercial and architectural window and door production capacity for years to come, while continuing to enhance our vinyl and wood production capacity on the main campus to effectively meet the growing needs of our lumberyard and residential customers.”

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