What started as a small window installation company has evolved into a successful building envelope contractor. In 1978 R&R Window Contractors Inc. co-founders Roger Fuller and Rick Hinton built the foundation of their company on quality. It’s that aspiration that has driven their success for the last 40 years.

Smith College Campus Center featuring R&R windows.

When Fuller and Hinton first started out, the company was solely a window installation provider. Five years later, the pair decided to transition into sales as well, but they the company was still only providing windows. In the early 90s, the market saw a switch. According to Fuller, general contractors wanted to single source curtainwalls, storefronts, interior glass and windows. This switch prompted a need for change that R&R took advantage of.

“Prior to that there were companies that did windows, and glass companies that did curtainwalls, storefronts and etc. There was a separation; you could be in business doing either/or. Most [companies] didn’t do both,” says Fuller, co-founder and president of R & R Window Contractors Inc.

R&R teamed up with a company that already provided curtainwalls and storefronts, and began selling for them. Eventually, R&R bought out the curtainwall company, and absorbed their business. This made them a provider on both sides of the market.

In early 2000, the company expanded even more, adding aluminum composite panels to their market.

Throughout all of the changes, R&R has maintained their constant strive for quality.

“What drove us in business is the quality…and that is one thing that has not changed in 40 years; quality is more important than quantity. That was the key when we started 40 years ago and is still the key today.

“That is what drove our company from a two-man company to a 100-man company. It takes quality people to do quality work,” explains Fuller.

R&R’s plant.

Fuller credits the company’s success to their quality employees.

“If you don’t have good people you don’t survive,” says Fuller.

During the recession, Fuller credits his hard working employees and the company’s good luck to its survival.

“We were fortunate enough that we didn’t have any projects that stopped, and we were fortunate enough to be hooked up with a developer who took advantage of the downturn and was able to continue to invest and build,” explains Fuller.

Since the recession, the market has been more competitive, and with more companies buying out vendors, Fuller says there are not as many suppliers as he would like. However, this has not stopped the company.

“It’s very humbling to think back to the road we’ve traveled these last 40 years we’ve been in business, and quite honestly, it’s been a good road. There have been bumps on the way, but we’ve done fairly well and that’s credit to our people,” says Fuller.

One of R&R’s projects.

To celebrate R&R’s success, the company will hold an anniversary party in early November.

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