The International Code Council and the National Council of Structural Engineers Associations (NCSEA) have come together to create a national, digital database of volunteers to assist in aftermath of disasters. This database displays individuals who will assist local, state or federal entities who need skilled, trained and certified building safety professionals.
The Disaster Response Alliance puts all skilled volunteers together in one place to make disaster relief as quick as possible. Local, state and federal government can contact the Disaster Response Alliance when they are in need of skilled professionals. The alliance is a combination of the Code Council’s Disaster Response Network and NCSEA’s Second Responder Roster.

“A big thank you to NCSEA for joining with us to create the Disaster Response Alliance,” says Code Council CEO Dominic Sims. “The Code Council and our members have long been active in the aftermath of disasters to help communities in their times of greatest need. The increasing frequency and severity of storms, including Hurricanes Michael and Florence and the recent destructive wildfires in California, illustrated the need for this vital national database.”

“The collaboration between NCSEA and the Code Council to create the Disaster Response Alliance means a vastly improved, single resource exists to help those in need when disaster strikes,” says NCSEA president Williston Warren. “Together, we can truly make a difference.”

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