The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) recently recognized two of its members for their dedication and commitment to the organization. Mason Fritz and Dennis Anderson were recognized at the NFRC 2018 fall membership meeting.

Fritz received the Emerging Leader Award for his initiative to become more involved and taking on more leadership roles within the organization. Anderson received the Member of the Year award for both his commitment and dedication to the organization’s mission, as well as his continued support of the NFRC’s status as a public service corporation. Both honorees are active volunteers and participants in NFRC meetings and events.

Fritz has been an attendee since 2015 and has lead a Technical Task Group, led events and training and participated in the Condensation Resistant Work Group.

“[Fritz] is always willing to speak up at meetings, even if it’s not in agreement with the majority,” says Deb Callahan, CEO of the NFRC. “He consistently shows enthusiasm for affecting change and taking on new leadership roles with NFRC. We look forward to his leadership now and for years to come.”

Anderson has been working with the organization for 24 years, including working for multiple test facilities doing thermal and acoustic testing. In the past year, Anderson provided leadership and support for the new Condensation Index rating. He currently leads the CR Task group along with other groups working to develop the CI rating for use by industry stakeholders.

“[Anderson] reaches out to all parties to gather feedback and answer questions. The dedication and approach he has taken with these projects are what make him stand out as our 2018 Dariush Arasteh Memorial Member of the Year,” says Callahan. “His constant support and work for NFRC is unsurpassed and we’re thankful for his commitment to the NFRC mission and vision.”

“We are eager to welcome multiple new members who have brought even more innovation and achievements within the NFRC Membership Program, and these award recipients set the example for our newest members,” says board chairperson Paul Bush.

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