Roto Frank Group announced that, as of January 1st, 2019, it will consist of three divisions, after adding professional services to its roster. Going forward, the group will be comprised of a Window and Door Division, Roof Window Division, and Roto Frank Professional Services Division.

The newest division comes in lieu of a recently acquired service business, and will focus on building maintenance, window replacement and spare parts.

The divisions will report to a new non-operative parent company. This will allow the group to consolidate financial results, work on unified strategies, acquisitions, corporate design and identity, and serve as a supervisor for all three divisions.

The head of the parent company will be Dr. Keill, former head of the Window and Door Division. A new Window and Door head will be announced in 2019.

Company officials report that the changes will not affect its Americas region. When asked about the potential for such a structure and a professional services division in the U.S., “At this point of time, there aren’t any changes planned, since the roof window division as well as the new professional services, operate in Europe,” says Chris Dimou, president, the Americas.

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