Inspired by a recent Domino’s Pizza marketing stunt, Mathew Brothers Company has initiated a contest awarding free windows to anyone who tattoo’s their “bug” logo on their neck. Domino’s had to cut a two month contest short to five days when too many people participated in their free pizza for life contest. The contestants tattooed a permanent dominos logo on themselves, and posted it on social media. Business Insider reports that the Domino’s contestants each won free pizza for 100 years.

On September 18, during radio segment The Howie Car Show, the Mathew Brothers marketing department jokingly texted in, “Mathews Brothers logo on your neck equals free windows for life,” which was then relayed to radio listeners by Howie executive producer Steve Robinson.

This harmless joke didn’t end up as harmless as they intended. The following morning, Mathews Brothers received messages from Facebook, voicemail, LinkedIn and their website all from volunteers offering to tattoo their necks for free widows. Just like that, their contest was born.

“I, (Your Name Here), As The Sole Winner Of The Sole Award Of This Contest, Am Willing To Get The Mathews Brothers Logo, Also Known As “The Bug,” Tattooed On My Neck To Receive $20,000 Worth Of Mathews Brothers Wicked Awesome Windows And Doors (Based On Manufacturer’s List Price), Subject To The Terms And Conditions Outlined Below”

Mathew Brothers has outlined terms and conditions, listed below, for participants. If someone wants to participate, they simply post their potential tat on Facebook, and Mathew Brothers will pick a winner. The lucky winner must receive their tattoo while on air at The Howie Car Show, and then will be given up to $20,000 in free windows that must be ordered prior to December 31, 2019.

According to the Mathew Brothers Twitter page, there are three serious contenders.

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