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Ted Decker, Gus Houghtaling, Sam Steves, Troy Terry, Mike Murray, Marc Becker and Giles Bowman
The Home Depot owns the photo rights.

San Antonio-based door manufacturer, Steves and Sons, was recently named The Home Depot’s Millwork Partner of the Year. The company, now in its 152nd year, manufactures interior and exterior doors that are sold in more than 250 Home Depot stores throughout the southwest, while employing more than 1,100 through plants in Texas, Virginia and Tennessee.

Sam Steves II  and Edward Steves head the business as its 5th generation in management. The award is the fourth of its kind awarded to the company, with the first arriving in 1999 from the founders of the Home Depot.

“It’s an incredible honor to receive just one award, and to be in recognized by industry experts that we respect,” Says Sam Steves II, Steves and Sons’ president. “We honor and value our partnership with the Home Depot.”

The award comes due in part to Steves and Sons’ immediate action after hurricane Harvey. According to Steves, the Home Depot was impressed with the company’s resources for the hurricane victims, with employees volunteering to help victims, some even working on Labor Day.

“They are just a fantastic partner,” says Mark Becker, Home Depot’s vice president of merchandising. “When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, Steves and Sons was ready to rebuild. They quickly delivered key products like exterior and interior doors to support the massive rebuilding process for thousands of homes. What really is special about Steves and Sons is that they helped The Home Depot put a community back together.”

Troy Terry, general manager of the Home Center Division for Steves and Sons says, “At Steves, we bleed orange, and, like The Home Depot, we strive to go beyond good and achieve great. We are so honored with this recognition by the world’s largest building material retailer. None of it would have been possible without the unwavering commitment of our 1,100 employees.”

For Steves, the achievement is indicative of a successful partnership between the manufacturer and the Home Depot.

“We don’t do it for the award,” Says Steves. “We do it for the day-to-day, for our partnership with Home Depot. This means that we will have to run faster and jump higher next year.”

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