During the 2018 second quarter, Solar Innovations Architectural Glazing Systems raised over $3,700 during their Solar Cares campaign. The campaign raised money to assist in replacing a bridge for a Pine Grove, PA couple.

Due to mass amounts of rain fall in June, flood waters left Alycia Barr and her husband, Alan Patton, stranded at their home on Geary Wolfe Road. The floodwaters washed away the only bridge with access to Route 645. A temporary pulley system was installed to deliver groceries to the couple and their neighbors, but they could not leave their homes for weeks until a rail bridge was installed after the flooding.

The couple started a Go FundMe page, and with Solar’s donation, they were able to reach their goal of $5,576.

The Solar Cares campaign was started in October, 2015 with the goal of giving back to the surrounding communities. Since 2015, Solar has raised over $30,000 in donations. 78.5% of the money raised for the bridge was donated by Solar team members.

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