The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) held a recent webinar discussing updates and new criteria for the Energy Star Most Efficient certification. Energy Star Most Efficient is an extension of the brand, and recognizes the most environmentally conscious products from a variety of departments, according to the EPA. Energy Star recognizes these products as the best of the best. As of July 2018, 419 window models were recognized under the Most Efficient brand.

For the 2018 year, Energy Star reports that over 30 efficiency program sponsors are leveraging Energy Star Most Efficient. This extends to over 14 million households, or 30 million consumers. Energy Star Most Efficient is also being leveraged for retailer incentives through the Energy Star Retail Products Platform (ESRPP). With help from their sponsors, Most Efficient products are promoted in stores to serve customers the best products available. This year the brand also promoted Most Efficient products with a targeted social media campaign. Energy Star reports that this gained nearly 1 million impressions, and directed customers to their website where Most Efficient products were featured. These initiatives will continue into 2019, with added promotions and programs.

For the Most Efficient Residential Window category, Energy Star plans to keep the current U-factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) criteria the same for 2019. The program will continue to require NAFS certification to ensure windows can support heavy insulating glass units. Thus far, the program only certifies residential windows, and does not include doors, skylights or TDDs. The Most Efficient certified windows perform significantly higher than the base Energy Star criteria. In total, there are 418 Most Efficient certified window product lines, and 40 manufacturers participating. There is currently ongoing discussion of Most Efficient certification for a dynamic window products specification.

The EPA will finalize the 2019 criteria this September, and products will be recognized as Energy Star Most Efficient certified on January 1, 2019.

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