In recent years, we have seen mounting evidence that impacts of green buildings are far greater than energy conservation.  There are several reputable studies out there that are drawing clear lines between indoor air quality, temperature controls, lighting and office design and worker productivity/cognitive function – and building owners and employers are taking notice.

Commissioned by United Technologies and conducted by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, the COGfx Study is among the most compelling because it is helping to show quantifiable benefits when combining optimal air ventilation and energy-efficient technologies, including improved productivity and lower cost per employee energy costs. This multiphase study has revealed an 8 percent increase in employee decision-making performance and productivity that equates to $6,500 in improved productivity per person per year.

This is a topic I have written about in the past and one I consider to be of continuing importance as sustainable building materials and practices prove their value.

As suppliers to the commercial building market, we are only beginning to understand the indirect impacts of green building on:

  • Rent premiums
  • Occupant satisfaction
  • Lease renewal rates
  • Health and wellness
  • Employee engagement
  • Employee productivity

The View from Here is that architects and building owners are already taking these into consideration and, as an industry, we need to be part of the conversation as we sell the true value of our energy-efficient products. As connected technologies, including air quality monitoring, lighting, energy usage data collection systems and others, become more widely adopted, available data will only grow – and so will this conversation. And it will pay for you to stay informed.

For further reading on the subject of healthy buildings, I recommend this article published earlier this year on that does a nice job of laying out available research.

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