Maybe you have been attending trade shows for the past 20 years, or maybe you are a relative newbie. No matter the case, we can all benefit from a few reminders of how to get the most bang for your attendee buck.

The Show Basics

  1. Prioritize Your Exhibitor List. Yes, it would be great to have lots of time to aimlessly walk the trade show floor, and check out what everyone has to offer. But many of us don’t have that kind of time. So take your exhibitor list, mark it up with your pen or highlighter, use the show app, or make a list. Do whatever works for you, just make sure you have a plan of attack.
  2. Choose Your Seminars. With seminars also taking place throughout the event you want to make sure you have enough time to check out the products but also to take advantage of the learning opportunities. So again, map it all out and make sure you schedule time to attend the most important sessions, and still have time on the show floor.
  3. Plan for After Hours. It’s a big trade show, and it’s Vegas. So reservations are often a great idea, especially if you are going out with a large group.

The Packing Essentials

Even if you’re not new to the trade show experience, take the time to make sure you pack the essentials. Here are few of the things to not leave at home:

  • Phone chargers: for the wall and of the portable variety;
  • A notebook: It may be old school, but when it comes to getting it down quickly a notebook or small notepad will often do the trick;
  • Comfortable shoes: and not new ones;
  • Medicine: Ibuprofen, Allegra, or whatever is your go to, don’t leave home without it. Oh, and it’s Vegas and it’s dry there, so chap stick is always a good idea.
  • Important contacts: If you want to stop by and talk to the product manager of that innovation you have been looking at for a while, don’t forget to have the manager’s name in your phone, or in your notes. Again, preparedness is key.

And don’t forget: while doing all that learning take some time to have fun … but not too much!

Tara Taffera


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  1. I like what you said about choosing seminars that are quicker to get to. I want to visit a trade show to learn more about business. I’ll have to consider visiting some local expos.

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