I just landed in Vegas and I am anxiously awaiting the opening of the GlassBuild Show.

It is the place where new technologies are unveiled and new ideas for future technologies are born. It is also where customer-supplier relationships are strengthened, old relationships are renewed and new relationships are born.

There will be plenty of new products to see and learn about. For machinery suppliers this venue is their place to shine. Interest in automation and material handling has never been greater in the fenestration market. This is due to the fact that labor supply and worker safety are two of the biggest issues that concern window and door manufacturers in today’s market. Automation helps a company make the most of the available manpower. Increased safety helps to make these manufacturing jobs more desirable thereby attracting a higher quality labor force. The third biggest issue is minimizing wastage and remakes. With material and component prices on the rise it becomes increasingly important to optimize yield rates and to produce quality finished goods the first time. Nothing hurts more than putting time, labor and materials into motion only to see the finished product ending up in the trash bin because it doesn’t meet quality standards.  Once again automation combined with a suitable fenestration software platform represents a proven solution to optimizing both manpower and material utilization. This combination of advanced machinery and software also enables a manufacturer to reduce both wastage and remakes while enabling integration of order entry with machinery and processes on the manufacturing floor. So, as you head out onto the show floor get ready to see the advancements available in automation and software that represent the state of the art in fenestration fabrication technology.

However, equipment and software is not all you will see. New window extrusion designs, glass products, insulating glass components, sealants, screen products, printing, paint formulations, window and door hardware components and much more.

For exhibitors, the booth represents a huge investment but a fantastic opportunity.  This is where suppliers relish the opportunity to engage “face to face” with hundreds of potential customers from all over the world each day of the show. Compare this opportunity with the cost of traveling to each prospective customer location to make individual sales calls, and one can easily recognize the value of this event.

Most fenestration manufacturing companies send their key influencers while exhibitors send not only their top salespeople but also their key executives, so this show represents a unique opportunity for show floor decisions to be made on the spot. Typical attendees include chief engineers, plant managers, production managers, sales personnel, sales managers, general managers, purchasing directors, presidents, vice presidents, CEOs and owners. So, let the show begin!

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